Table 2

 MSc/Dip in Sports medicine and related courses offered by universities in the United Kingdom

Universities of the City of GlasgowMSc/Dip in medicine and science in sport and exercise (MSc/Dip in medicine, science or therapy)
Sheffield Hallam UniversityMSc in sport injury with pathways in medicine, physiotherapy and science
Manchester metropolitan UniversityMSc/Dip in science of sports injury
University of WalesMSc/Dip in sports and exercise medicine
MSc/Dip in sports physiotherapy
Queen Mary University of LondonMSc in sports medicine
University of UlsterMSc/Dip in sport and exercise medicine
University College LondonMSc/Dip in sports physiotherapy
MSc in sports and exercise medicine
University of BathMSc/Dip in sport and exercise medicine
Leeds Metropolitan UniversityDip/MSc sports and exercise injury management
University of NottinghamMsc/Dip in sports medicine
South Bank UniversityMSc/Dip in sports physiotherapy
University of SalfordMSc/Dip in sports rehabilitation