Table 9

 Incidence and severity of injuries sustained during various training activities for forwards and backs

Highest incidenceMost days absenceHighest incidenceMost days absence
*Excluding haematomas/contusions.
ACL, Anterior cruciate ligament; MCL, medial collateral ligament.
General play/phase workLateral ankle ligament injuryLumbar disc/nerve root injuryHamstring muscle injury*Knee meniscal/articular cartilage injury
DefenceMCL and acromioclavicular joint injuriesDislocation/instability, shoulderAcromioclavicular joint injuryACL injury
Line outsLateral ankle ligament injuryAchilles tendon injury
ScrummagingCalf muscle injury*Calf muscle injury*
Rucking/maulingAcromioclavicular joint injuryTibia/fibula fractureMCL injuryMCL injury
WeightsLumbar disc/nerve root injuryLumbar disc/nerve root injuryLumbar disc/nerve root injuryLumbar disc/nerve root injury
Speed and agilityLateral ankle ligament and hamstring muscle* injuriesHamstring muscle injury*Hamstring muscle injury*Adductor muscle injury*
EnduranceHip flexor/quadriceps muscle injury*Lumbar disc/nerve root injuryHip flexor/quadriceps muscle injury*Hamstring muscle injury*
Fitness testingSeveralAchilles tendon injurySeveralHamstring muscle injury*