Table 1

 The main components of the matrix metalloprotease (MMP) family

NameSynonymDegradesOther actions
MMP1Collagenase-1Collagens type III (preferentially), I, and II
Interstitial collagenaseCollagens type VII, VIII, and X
Fibroblast collagenase
MMP272 kDa gelatinase AGelatin, collagens type IV, V, VII, X, and XISynergistic with MMP1
72 kDa type IV gelatinaseFibronectin, elastin, proteoglycans
MMP3Stromelysin-1Proteoglycans, laminin, fibronectin, gelatinBroad substrate specificity
Transin, proteoglycanaseCollagens III, IV, V, and IXActivates pro-MMPs
Procollagen activating factorCore protein of cartilage proteoglycans
MMP7MatrilysinGelatin, proteoglycans, fibronectin, elastin, caseinActivates pro-MMP1
Small uterine proteinase
MMP8Neutrophil collagenaseCollagens type I (preferentially), II, and III
MMP992 kDa gelatinase-BCollagens type IV, V, X, XI
92 kDa type IV gelatinaseGelatin
MMP10Stromelysin-2Gelatin, fibronectin, collagens type III, IV, and VActivates pro-MMPs
MMP11Stromelysin-3Aggrecan, fibronectin, laminin
MMP12Macrophage metalloelastaseElastin, collagen types I and IV, aggrecan, fibronectin, laminin, entactin, gelatin type I, vitronectin, fibrillin
MMP13Collagenase-3Collagens type II (preferentially), I, and III