Table 3

 Summary of most active muscles in upper body/trunk during the different phases of the golf swing (percentage of maximal manual testing)

Phase of swingLeft upper body/trunkRight upper body/trunk
Back swingSubscapularis (33%)Upper trapezius (52%)
Upper serratus (30%)Middle trapezuis (37%)
Forward swingRhomboid (68%)Pectoralis major (64%)
Middle trapezius (51%)Upper serratus (58%)
AccelerationPectoralis major (93%)Pectoralis major (93%)
Levator scapulae (62%)Upper serratus (69%)
Early follow throughPectoralis major (74%)Pectoralis major (74%)
Infraspinatus (61%)Subscapularis (64%)
Late follow throughInfraspinatus (40%)Subscapularis (56%)
pectoralis major (39%)Upper and lower serratus (40%)