Table 4

 Summary of most active muscles in lower body/trunk during the different phases of the golf swing (percentage of maximal manual testing)

Phase of swingLeft lower body/trunkRight lower body/trunk
Back swingErector spinae (26%)Semimembranosus (28%)
Abdominal oblique (24%)Long head of the biceps femoris (27%)
Forward swingVastus lateralis (88%)Upper and lower gluteus maximus (100 % and 98%)
Adductor magnus (63%)Biceps femoris (78%)
AccelerationBiceps femoris (83%)Abdominal oblique (59%)
Upper and lower gluteus maximus, vastus lateralis (58%)Gluteus medius (51%)
Early follow throughLong head of biceps femoris (79%)Gluteus medius (59%)
Vastus lateralis (59%)Abdominal oblique (51%)
Late follow throughSemimembranosus and vastus lateralis (42%)Vastus lateralis (40%)
Adductor magnus (35%)Gluteus medius (22%)