Table 3

 Group mean (SE)

GroupDay 1 mean (SE)Day 2 mean (SE)Mean difference between daysSE for difference95% Confidence interval for difference
Lower boundUpper bound
Approximate entropy values for medial-lateral (ML) centre of pressure time series in athletes without postural instability after concussion (n = 27) and in healthy subjects (n = 30) tested on separate occasions. Athletes were tested at preseason (day 1) and within 48 h after injury (day 2).
Difference scores reflect comparisons across days and were significant for athletes with concussion (p = 0.02). Negative differences indicate a decline in ApEn values from day 1 to day 2. SE, standard error.
Concussion1.25 (0.06)1.06 (0.06)−0.190.05−0.29−0.10
Healthy0.86 (0.06)0.83 (0.06)−0.030.05−0.120.07