Table 2

 Self reported history of primary amenorrhoea (HPA) and secondary amenorrhoea (HSA) in the different sport groups, in all athletes (ATH), and in controls (CON)

G1 (n = 84)G2 (n = 104)G3 (n = 32)G4 (n = 35)G5 (n = 302)G6 (n = 40)G7 (n = 17)ATH (n = 614)CON (n = 546)
Data are given as valid percentage—that is, the percentage of cases having HPA/HSA when only cases without missing values are considered. Those younger than 16 were excluded.
ap<0.001 compared with G5; bp<0.001 compared with controls (age and BMI adjusted); cp<0.05 compared with controls (not significant when adjusting for age and BMI).
Sport groups: G1, technical; G2, endurance; G3, aesthetic; G4, weight class; G5, ball game; G6, power; G7, anti-gravitation.