Table 1

 Costs included in the economic evaluation

Cost (€)
€1.00  =  £0.70, $1.09 (8 September 2003).
*Guideline price according to Dutch guidelines.10
†Price according to professional association.
‡Cost price according to hospital administration of VU Medical Center.
¶Drug specific price according to tariff of the Royal Dutch Society of Pharmacy.12
§Indirect costs for paid work was calculated for each injured player separately based on mean income of the Dutch population according to age and sex.10
Intervention costs (per player)26.77
Direct healthcare costs
    General practitioner (per visit ⩽20 min)*16.60
    General practitioner (phone consultation)*8.17
    Physical therapist (per visit ⩽30 min)*18.15
    Sports physician (per visit)*16.60
    Medical specialist (per visit)*40.85
    Alternative therapist (per visit)†27.20
    Radiograph/cast (per unit)‡50.00
    Emergency room (per visit)‡50.00
    Medical devices¶
        Tape (per roll)3.00
        Crutches (rent per week)15.00
Indirect costs
    Absenteeism from paid work (per day)§
    Absenteeism from unpaid work (per hour)*7.94