Table 3

 Absolute numbers and accumulated costs (€) per category of use of healthcare resources and absenteeism from work, and total costs (€) per group. Data are based on information derived from completed cost diaries only

Type of useIntervention (n = 17)Control (n = 22)
Direct healthcare costs
    General practice (No of visits)699.6010166.00
    General practice (No of phone consultations)18.1718.17
    Physiotherapist (No of visits)38689.7023416.45
    Sports physician (No of visits)349.80466.40
    Medical specialist (No of visits)7285.95140.85
    Alternative therapist (No of visits)254.40
    Emergency room (No of visits)3150.004200.00
    Medical devices
        Tape (No of rolls)927.001339.00
        Crutches (No of times rented)115.00115.00
Indirect costs
    Absenteeism from paid work (days)413447.61512629.51
    Absenteeism from unpaid work (hours)1741381.566555200.70
Total costs6680.789161.63