Table 2

 Comparison of groups with respect to body image and psychosocial adjustment

MeasureCompetitivebodybuildersNon-competitiveweight trainersActive controls
Values are mean (SD).
*Significant analysis of variance at p<0.05. **Significant analysis of variance at p<0.01.
Rows not sharing a common superscript letter are significantly different at least at p<0.05.
Body image measures
    Appearance evaluation**4.10 (0.45)a4.00 (0.51)a3.58 (0.55)b
    Physique anxiety18.73 (6.49)18.70 (6.85)21.73 (6.12)
    Weight discrepancy**17.08 (13.85)a10.02 (14.45)ab3.05 (15.00)b
    Satisfaction mid torso**3.98 (0.86)a3.35 (1.08)b3.33 (0.94)b
    Satisfaction upper torso**4.10 (0.67)a4.15 (0.74)a3.68 (0.76)b
    Satisfaction muscle tone**4.22 (0.58)a4.08 (0.69)a3.63 (0.95)b
    Weigh in anxiety11.25 (13.59)14.90 (14.97)6.50 (15.78)
    Body fat anxiety22.23 (19.78)27.65 (22.00)28.48 (20.01)
    Appearance orientation**3.67 (0.65)a3.62 (0.55)a3.28 (0.64)b
Adjustment measures
    Social self esteem*62.23 (8.45)a60.23 (8.80)ab56.68 (9.13)b
    Eating attitudes**8.88 (6.49)a6.53 (6.59)ab4.78 (3.90)b