Table 2

 Participation rates for ice hockey, soccer, and American football in the United States from 1993 to 1999

Data presented in millions of participants. Frequent participation was 40+ days a year except for ice hockey, which was 30+ days a year. a, Estimates not available for this year. Source: Sports Business Research Network SBRnet (
Ice hockey
    All participants1.701.902.502.101.902.101.90
    Frequent participants0.400.500.800.700.500.900.70
    All participants10.3012.5012.0013.9013.7013.2013.20
    Frequent participants3.003.703.704.204.704.905.00
Football (tackle)
    All participantsaa8.309.008.207.408.70
    Frequent participantsaa2.603.202.902.803.40
Football (touch)
    All participantsaa12.1011.6011.909.6011.10
    Frequent participantsaa1.701.701.901.302.00
Football (total)
    All participantsaa20.4020.6020.1017.0019.80
    Frequent participantsaa4.304.904.804.105.40