Table 5

 Determinants of total body, total femur, and lumbar spine BMD (g/cm2) from backward stepwise multiple regression models in the controls (n = 145)

SiteMDWBAAge (years)Height (cm)Weight (kg)R2*
Adjusted R square (R2) for the final model for each measurement site is presented. Significance levels are shown, followed on the line beneath by unstandardised β coefficients (β) and standard error (SE).
*Smoking, oral contraceptive use, use of medications that can affect bone metabolism, eating disorders, menarche, and body fat (%) were not significantly associated with BMD and are therefore not included in the table or in the R2 value.
MD, menstrual dysfunction; NS, not significant; WBA, weight bearing physical activity.
Total bodyp<0.05p<0.01NSNSp<0.0010.25
β (SE)−0.026 (0.013)0.00007 (0.000)0.003 (0.000)
Total femurp<0.01p<0.05p<0.001NSp<0.010.20
β (SE)−0.059 (0.022)0.0001 (0.000)−0.005 (0.001)0.003 (0.001)
Lumbar spinep<0.05NS (p = 0.065)NSp<0.05NS0.06
β (SE)−0.054 (0.026)0.0011 (0.000)0.004 (0.002)