Table 1

 Brief descriptions of the main regional forms of martial arts, including their country of origin and ethos

BrancailleFrench: wrestling contest
CapoeriaNative Brazilian dance/martial art
Dim makOriental: death touch, striking pressure points
JudoJapanese: grappling, throws, strikes
Jujitsu>750 styles in Japan
KarateJapanese: strikes, kicks, punches
KenpoFirst American: strikes to vital areas
Kung fuChinese: range of techniques
Pencak silatIndonesian: attacks legs
Pit fightingAmerican: street fighting/brawling
SamboRussian: grappling, submission techniques
SavateFrench: kickboxing without knee strikes
ShootfightingAmerican: derived from vale tudo
Tae kwon doKorean: “art of kicking and punching”
Vale tudoBrazilian: “anything goes”