Table 5

 Standardised factor loadings and items for the confirmatory factor analysis of the Brunel lifestyle physical activity questionnaire factors for pilot sample 2b (n  =  265) and pilot sample 3 (N  =  719)

ItemFactor loadingMeasurement error
PPA, Planned physical activity; UPA, unplanned physical activity.
Times per week engaged in PPA0.770.800.640.60
How long engaged in PPA at this rate0.790.710.610.70
Duration of each session on PPA0.900.900.440.44
Total time engaged in PPA at this rate0.930.940.370.34
Past persistence at PPA programme0.570.510.830.86
How vigorously engaged in PPA0.750.640.660.77
Time spent on UPA per week0.680.760.730.65
How vigorously engaged in UPA0.730.570.690.82
How physically demanding is job/daily activities0.530.650.850.76