Table 3

 Incident rate ratios for subgroup analyses by anatomical site for risk of incident injury in North Carolina Youth Soccer Association Classic League soccer players fall (autumn) 1997 to spring 2000 (n  =  4453 athlete-seasons)

One previous injury at that site versus noneTwo or more previous injuries at that site versus none
IRR, Incidence rate ratio; CLR, confidence limit ratio (upper confidence limit divided by lower confidence limit25).
*Generalised Poisson regression model for ankle injuries adjusted for player level.
†Generalised Poisson regression model for knee and lower limb injuries; no covariate adjustment.
Ankle*4.192.97 to 5.92; 1.998.164.89 to 13.61; 2.78
Knee†5.844.04 to 8.44; 2.093.961.96 to 7.99; 4.08
Lower limb†2.792.18 to 3.58; 1.603.672.81 to 4.78; 1.70