English translation of the SFMS questionnaire

Each “Yes” answer receives one point, giving a score of between 0 and 54. According to the French multicentric study (F Maso, in press) scores >20 are highly suggestive of overtraining and are constantly found in overtly overtrained individuals.
Date of birth
What is your profession?
If you are a student, are you doing examinations?YesNo
What is your main sport or game?
How many hours do you practise per week?6–8.8–10More than 10
If you play other sports or games, write them:
This month, has there been any significant event which may have disturbedYesNo
your private or professional life?
This month
    1–My level of sports performance/my general form has decreasedYesNo
    2–I am not as attentive as beforeYesNo
    3–My close friends think that my behaviour has changedYesNo
    4–I have a sensation of pressure in my chestYesNo
    5 –My heart seems to beat fasterYesNo
    6–I have a lump in my throatYesNo
    7–I have less appetite than beforeYesNo
    8–I eat moreYesNo
    9–I do not sleep as well as beforeYesNo
    10–I drowse and yawn in the daytimeYesNo
    11–The time between training sessions seems to me too shortYesNo
    12–My sexual libido has decreasedYesNo
    13–My performances are poorYesNo
    14–I frequently catch a coldYesNo
    15–I have put on weightYesNo
    16–I have memory problemsYesNo
    17–I often feel tiredYesNo
    18–I underestimate myselfYesNo
    19–I often have cramps, muscular painYesNo
    20–I suffer from headaches more frequentlyYesNo
    21–I do not feel fitYesNo
    22–I sometimes feel dizzy, on the point of faintingYesNo
    23–I do not confide in others so easilyYesNo
    24–I often feel seedyYesNo
    25–I have a sore throat more oftenYesNo
    26–I feel nervous, insecure, anxiousYesNo
    27–I do not bear training so wellYesNo
    28–At rest, my heart rate is faster than beforeYesNo
    29–During exercise, my heart rate is faster than beforeYesNo
    30–I often feel rottenYesNo
    31–I get tired more easilyYesNo
    32–I often have digestive disordersYesNo
    33–I feel like staying in bedYesNo
    34–I am not so confident in myselfYesNo
    35–I get injured more easilyYesNo
    36–I have more difficulties in organising my thoughtsYesNo
    37–I have more difficulties in concentrating in my sports activityYesNo
    38–My sporting gestures are less precise, less skilfulYesNo
    39–I have lost force and aggressivenessYesNo
    40–I feel as if I have no one to talk toYesNo
    41–I sleep longerYesNo
    42–I cough more oftenYesNo
    43–I do not enjoy practising my sports as muchYesNo
    44–I do not enjoy my leisure activities as muchYesNo
    45–I get irritated more easilyYesNo
    46–I am less efficient in my school or professional activityYesNo
    47–People around me think that I have become less pleasantYesNo
    48–Training seems harder and harderYesNo
    49–It is my fault if my results are worseYesNo
    50–My legs feel heavyYesNo
    51–I lose my personal things more easily (wallet, keys, etc)YesNo
    52–I am pessimistic, I have the bluesYesNo
    53–I have lost weightYesNo
    54–My motivation, will and tenacity are weakerYesNo
Put a cross to range between these two opposite states
    My physical level
        Great form---------------------------------------------------------------Bad form
    I feel fatigued
        More slowly-------------------------------------------------------------More quickly
    I recover from my state of tiredness
        More quickly------------------------------------------------------------More slowly
    I feel
        Very relaxed-------------------------------------------------------------Very anxious
    I feel that my muscular strength has
    I feel that my endurance has
Have you had any difficulties in understanding some of the questions?YesNo
If Yes, which questions did you find difficult to understand (write the numbers)