Table 1

 Characteristics of the study participants

VariablesMean (SD)Range
Data are presented as means (SD). BMI, body mass index; Vo2max, maximal O2 uptake. Vo2max th, theoretical maximal O2 uptake.
Age (year)73.3 (9.1)60–88
Weight (kg)65.8 (13.2)47–89
Height (cm)166.3 (9.2)152–180
BMI (kg m−2)23.6 (2.9)18.7–31.1
Vo2max (l min−1)2.06 (0.77)1.16–3.49
Vo2max (ml min−1 kg−1)30.5 (7.1)18.3–45.1
Vo2max th (ml min−1 kg−1)20.1 (3.5)14.6–25.6
% Vo2max th (ml min−1 kg−1)151.4 (12.5)125–195
Exercise duration (min)9.9 (1.4)8–13
Maximal slope (%)15 (5)5–24
Physical activity score20.1 (7.1)11.9–38.6