Table 2

 Parameters of calcium homeostasis before and after exercise

Biochemical parametersPre-exercisePost-exercisep valueNormal range
Data are expressed as means (SD). 1.25(OH)2D3, 1.25-dihydroxy-vitamin D3; 25(OH)D, 25-hydroxyvitamin D; Hb, haemoglobin; Hct, haematocrit; iCa, ionised calcium; iPTH, intact parathyroid hormone; %Δ, per cent change from pre- to post-exercise.
Calcium homeostasis
    iCa (mmol l−1)1.185 (0.027)1.150 (0.034)−3<0.0011.10–1.25
    25(OH)D (pg ml−1)23.4 (11.2)21 (9.3)−10.30.01316–28
    1.25(OH)2D3 (pg ml−1)46 (12.5)46.1 (12.9)0.20.90020–66
    iPTH (pg ml−1)28.9 (9.7)36.2 (11.8)25<0.00110–55
Other parameters
    Hct (%)43.1 (3.7)43.4 (3.6)0.70.85039–54
    Hb (g dl−1)14 (1.2)14 (1.1)00.95813–18