Table 1

 Characteristics of subjects at baseline (1984 to 1986)

CharacteristicMen (n = 3742)Women (n = 3445)
Values are percentages.
*Calculation of lifestyle index (−1.week−1): time spent on walking, gardening, and cycling per week multiplied by the assigned MET value and summarised for each participant
†Recommendation for MPA: at least 2.5 hours a week of moderately intense physical activity representing 30 minutes on five days a week
‡Recommendation for VPA: 1 hour a week of vigorously intense physical activity corresponding to 20 minutes on three days a week.
MET, metabolic equivalent; MPA, moderate physical activity; VPA, vigorous physical activity.
Age groups (years)
Social class
    I (highest)19.812.0
    V (lowest)14.019.1
Lifestyle index*
Recommendation for MPA†
Recommendation for VPA‡
Body mass index
    <25 kg/m242.464.2
    25–<30 kg/m248.427.2
    ⩾30 kg/m29.28.7
Chronic disease index (%)
    At least two11.512.3
Cardiovascular risk factor index
    At least two16.111.9
Alcohol intake
Positive dietary habits
    6 and 745.244.5
    At least 817.428.3
Eats breakfast regularly
Smoking status