Table 10

 Anorexic premenopausal women: positive effect of oral contraceptives on bone mineral density

Study designReferenceNo of patientsOC exposureMeasurement of BMD/bone metabolismResults
OC, Oral contraceptive; BMD, bone mineral density; AN, anorexia nervosa; DXA, dual energy x ray absorptiometry.
Cross sectionalSeeman et al72117 women (65 with AN: 12 with 1° amenorrhoea, 16 with 2° amenorrhoea taking OCs, 37 with 2° amenorrhoea not taking OCs; 52 healthy controls)OC users v non-usersLumbar spine, total body, proximal femur DXAHigher BMD in healthy control women than in women with AN; greater mean lumbar spine BMD in women with AN taking OCs than in women with AN not taking OCs
Karlsson et al73366 women (77 non-OC users with AN, 58 OC users with AN, 26 women recovered from AN; 205 healthy controls)OC users v non-usersAreal BMD by DXA, volumetric BMD calculatedHigher BMD in healthy control women than in women with AN; greatest reduction in BMD was in non-OC users with AN; lesser reduction in OC users with AN; least reduction in women recovered from AN