Table 3

 Assessment of methodological quality

ReferenceDefined sample*Representative sample†Complete follow up‡Prognosis§Blinded outcome¶Statistical adjustment**Final score
A “yes” is only awarded if the criterion is clearly satisfied. A “no” is awarded if the criterion is clearly not satisfied or if it is unclear if the criterion is satisfied.
*Description of source of subjects and inclusion/exclusion criteria.
†Subjects were selected by random selection or were consecutive cases.
‡At least one prognostic outcome was available from at least 80% of the study population at the three month follow up or later.
§Studies provided raw data, percentages, survival rates, or continuous outcomes.
¶Assessor was unaware of at least one prognostic factor, used to predict the prognostic outcome, at the time they measured the prognostic outcome.
**For at least two prognostic factors with the adjustment factor reported.
NA, Study did not evaluate prognostic factors.
Gabbe et al 20049YesNoYesYesNoNo3
Arnason et al 200410NoNoYesYesNoNo2
Beynnon et al 20015YesNoYesYesNoYes4
Soderman et al 200111NoNoNoYesNoYes2
Leanderson et al 199612NoNoYesYesNoNo2
Wiesler et al 199613NoNoYesYesNoYes3
Shambaugh et al 199114NoNoYesYesNoYes3
Ekstrand and Gillquist 198315NoYesNoYesNoNo2
Payne et al 199716YesNoYesYesNoYes4
Tropp et al 19847NoYesNoNoNoNo1
Willems et al 200517YesNoNoYesNoNo2
Willems et al 200518YesYesNoYesNoNo3
McGuine et al 200019YesNoYesYesNoYes4
Pope et al 19986YesYesYesYesNoYes5
Baumhauer et al 19954YesNoYesYesNoNo3
Hopper et al 199520NoNoNoYesNoNo1
Milgrom et al 199121NoNoNoYesNoNo1
Holme et al 199922NoNoNoYesNoNo1
Eiff et al 199423YesYesYesNoNoNo3
Watson 199924NoNoYesYesNoNo2
Twellaar et al 199725NoNoNoNoNoNo0