Table 2

 Investigation of male youth ice hockey incidence and calculated estimates from the literature

StudyPeriodTypeCountryAge (years)No. of playersNo of concussionsExposure (PGH)Incidence (/1000 PGH)
The first four rows of the table are from the present study. Results are calculated from: *mean number of game hours per player × number of players; †number of injuries × proportion of injuries that were concussions; ‡number of injuries ÷ incidence of injury per player game hour. ‡Median; all other numerical values in this column are range. Retro, retrospective; P, prospective; NR, not reported.
Official reports2003–2004RetroCanada12 to 17195486017 10450.35
Volunteer reports2002–2003ProCanada12 to 177922238615.70
Elite2001–2003RetroCanada15 to 174757910 6887.39
Non-elite2004RetroCanada11 to 1710726160516.20
Roberts191993–1994ProUSA12 to 13132286.423.15
14 to 15127193.610.68
12 to 15163210818.52
Stuart221993–1994ProUSA16 to 2166047070