Table 4

‚ÄÉKnee injuries during 2001 in 286 players without a history of ACL injury

DiagnosisNo of injuriesRecurrent injuries
ACL, Anterior cruciate ligament; PCL, posterior cruciate ligament; MCL, medial collateral ligament; LCL, lateral collateral ligament.
Capsular sprain4No
ACL tear3No
PCL tear2No
MCL tear22Three recurrent injuries to three players
LCL tear1No
Meniscus lesion9No
Popliteus strain1No
Synovitis11Five recurrent injuries to two players
Osteoarthrosis2One recurrent injury to one player
Patellofemoral pain syndrome11Seven recurrent injuries to four players
Patellar tendinosis8One recurrent injury to one player
Iliotibial band syndrome3One recurrent injury to one player
Total8818 recurrent injuries to 12 players