Table 5

 Types and proportions of match stoppages because of neck choke

Mechanism of match stoppagePercentage of matches ±95% CI (n = 642 matches)
*Locking arm around anterior neck while situated behind opponent.
†Applying forearm across anterior neck while situated in front of opponent.
‡Locking leg around opponent’s neck.
§Wrapping lapel of traditional martial arts uniform around opponent’s neck.
¶Any obscure combination of arm and/or hand choke around opponent’s neck.
CI, Confidence interval.
Rear choke*6.5±1.9
Front choke†4.2±1.5
Leg choke‡2.3±1.1
Lapel choke§0.6±0.6
Indistinct choke¶0.5±0.5