Table 6

 Types and proportions of match stoppages because of miscellaneous trauma

Mechanism of match stoppagePercentage of matches ±95% CI (n = 642 matches)
*Included any assortment of repetitive elbow strikes, kicks, knee strikes, and punches to opponent’s head; definitionally disparate from head impact category (table 3) in that afflicted competitors were sufficiently responsive to submit.
†Involved overtly fatigued competitors unwilling to tolerate further punishment primarily to the body and/or extremities.
CI, Confidence interval.
Submission because of strikes to the head*5.9±1.8
Periocular lacerations3.1±1.3
Submission because of exhaustion, punishment†2.0±1.1
Thoracoabdominal blunt trauma1.0±0.8
Ocular blunt trauma0.3±0.4