Table 1

 A selection of everyday tasks including a range of sitting, standing and walking activities

1. Remove clothes from9. Clean mirror
     washing machine and hang10. Watch video
     on clothes rack11. Wash and dry dishes
2. Prepare and consume12. Read newspaper
     drink of choice13. Remove rubbish from swing
3. Remove clothes from clothes  bin, put rubbish by door
     rack and fold in pile  and replace bin liner
4. Change bulb in table lamp14. Word-process document
5. Remove clothes from basket  using PC
     and iron15. Vacuum paper from floor
6. Change fuse in plug16. Make telephone call
7. Put on duvet cover and17. Wash and dry hands
     pillowcases18. Write letter/list
8. Place lampshade on table19. Prepare and eat sandwich/
     lamp  biscuit