Table 1

 An overview of the sailing and training demands and the incidence of injury and illness during the four study periods

PeriodNumber of weeksSailing intensityTraining intensityAverage exposureNumber (incidence/1000 h)
InjuryIllnessAll incidents
Sailing intensity was determined by the main mode of sailing during each period: boat testing  =  low; crew training and boat testing  =  moderate; race training and/or crew training  =  high. Training intensity was categorised according to a three point subjective Likert scale, which was reported by each athlete after each training session. Average exposure is sailing + training (hours/week/athlete).
A15LowLow2352 (4.8)32 (3.0)84 (7.8)
B25HighModerate1889 (6.4)43 (3.1)132 (9.5)
C12ModerateHigh1340 (7.3)8 (1.5)48 (8.8)
D22ModerateLow1239 (4.7)36 (4.3)75 (9.0)
All7417220 (5.7)119 (3.1)339 (8.8)