Table 4

 Injuries causing the greatest number of days absence

InjuryDays absent from sailingInjuryDays absent from full training
PINE, Posterior interosseous nerve entrapment; SLAP lesion, superior labrum anterior-posterior lesion.
Triceps tendon tear35 (35)PINE70 (23)
Intersection syndrome21 (21)Intersection syndrome66 (66)
Hand/finger laceration12 (3)Finger sprain51 (26)
PINE8 (3)Triceps tendon tear35 (35)
Navicular fracture102 (102)Lumbar spine pathology98 (14)
SLAP lesion93 (93)SLAP lesion93 (93)
Olecranon fracture55 (55)Rotator cuff injury92 (46)
Lumbar spine pathology47 (7)Lateral ankle sprain55 (8)
Non-specific overuse
Cervical spine degeneration196 (196)Cervical spine degeneration198 (198)
Inguinal hernia90 (45)Biceps tendinopathy133 (27)
PINE57 (29)PINE123 (62)
Intersection syndrome37 (12)Inguinal hernia118 (59)
Cervical spine degeneration196 (98)Cervical spine degeneration227 (114)
Navicular fracture102 (102)PINE224 (37)
SLAP lesion93 (93)Biceps tendinopathy171 (14)
Inguinal hernia90 (30)Lumbar spine pathology168 (10)