Table 3

‚ÄÉMain groupings and categories for classifying type of injury

Main groupingCategoryEquivalent OSICS pathology character
OSICS, Orchard sports injury classification system.14
Fractures and bone stressFractureF
Other bone injuriesG, Q, S
Joint (non-bone) and ligamentDislocation/subluxation Sprain/ligament injuryD, U J, L
Lesion of meniscus or cartilageC
Muscle and tendonMuscle rupture/tear/strain/crampsM, Y
Tendon injury/rupture/tendinosis/bursitisT, R
Laceration and skin lesionAbrasionK
Central/peripheral nervous systemConcussion (with or without loss of consciousness) Nerve injuryN N
OtherDental injuriesG
Other injuries