Table 1

 Comparisons of the physical and psychological expectations of exercise at the onset and after the end of a 12 week tai chi chuan exercise programme

Exercise expectationBeforeAftert Valuep Value
Values presented are mean (SD) (n  =  37). p Values were analysed by paired t test.
Outcome expectations for exercise included nine items, each with a five point scale from the lowest expectation (1) to the highest (5).
Makes me feel better physically4.14 (0.54)4.31 (0.67)−1.1390.263
Makes my mood better in general4.06 (0.58)4.25 (0.50)−2.2230.033
Helps me feel less tired4.00 (0.53)3.94 (0.83)0.3880.701
Makes my muscles stronger3.92 (0.69)4.06 (0.63)−0.9270.360
Is an activity I enjoy doing3.89 (0.57)4.39 (0.49)−4.5830.000
Gives me a sense of personal accomplishment3.77 (0.81)4.20 (0.76)−2.6740.011
Makes me more alert mentally3.75 (0.77)4.08 (0.73)−2.4150.021
Improves my endurance in performing my daily activities4.00 (0.59)4.14 (0.64)−1.4050.169
Helps to strengthen my bones3.89 (0.75)4.03 (0.65)−1.0440.304
Total scores35.17 (4.10)37.23 (4.44)−2.6160.013