Table 1

 Notational analysis in tennis

ReferenceLevel (sex)Rally
 > time (s)Effective
 > playing
 > time (%)Work to
 > rest ratioSurface
Values are mean or mean (SD).
–, No study variable; *young tennis players.
O’Donoghue & Ingram4International (M and F)6.3 (1.8)Hard
7.7 (1.7)Clay
4.3 (1.6)Grass
5.8 (1.9)Hard
Smekal et al2National (M)6.4 (4.1)16.3 (6.6)1:3.4Clay
Reilly & Palmer10Top club-standard (M)5.3 (1.0)27.9 (3.9)1:2.5Hard
Christmass et al11State (M)10.223.3 (1.4)1:1.7Hard
Elliot et al12College (M)4.0–4.326.5 (3.5)1:3.1Hard
Girard & Millet6*Regional (M)7.2 (1.7)Clay
5.9 (1.2)Hard
Docherty13Range of abilities (M)10.01:1.8Hard
Fernandez et al14International (M)7.5 (7.3)18.2 (5.8)1:2.2Clay
Weber et al15National (M)5.0816.4Hard
Kovacs16International (M)5.991:2.6Hard