Table 1

 Demographic characteristics of the study population

Values are n (%) unless stated otherwise.
ATC, certified athletics trainer.
SexFemale80 (34.8%)
SportFootball100 (43.5%)
Women’s soccer54 (23.5%)
Men’s soccer50 (21.7%)
Volleyball26 (11.3%)
Age (years)Mean (SD)18.4 (2.2%)
Range14 to 21
Question 1Do you tape your ankle(s)? Number answering yes125 (54.3%)
Question 2Have you had an ankle sprain in the last two years? Number106 (46.1%)
answering yes
Question 3If you had more than one ankle sprain, how many? Number with68 (29.8%)
more than one sprain
Question 4When you had your last ankle sprain, what did you do for44 (41.5%)
treatment? Number who went to ATC (% of 106)
Question 5If you had an ankle sprain did you do balance retraining?34 (32.1%)
Number answering yes (% of 106)