Table 1

 Comparison of professional boxers enrolled in the cohort study with non-responders (n  =  59)

In study (n = 14)Non-responders (n = 45)95%CI or p value
Values are mean (range) unless indicated otherwise.
*The number of female boxers was too small to complete a valid χ2 test.
†Determined by weight in last fight before data collection beginning for all boxers with previous fights, otherwise self reported.
Male (%)*92.9100.0−0.6 to 14.9
Age (years)32.2 (24.9–37.7)30.0 (21.0–40.3)0.1
Weight (kg)†78.8 (52.0–106.6)75.1 (60.0–165.0)0.7
Number of fights in 2004 (for those who fought)2.2 (1.0–4.0)2.7 (1.0–7.0)0.5
Number of fights in 2004 (for all registered)1.4 (0.0–4.0)0.9 (0.0–7.0)0.3