Table 1

 Case reports including data on sports related physeal fractures

StudyNo of casesAge (years)Injury locationSalter-Harris injury typeSportOutcome
The sex of the patients is indicated: M, male; F, female.
Rogers341 MDistal femurIFootball
Rovere351 M12Distal femurIFootballFollow up not reported; “satisfactory”
Ryan365 M14–16Distal radiusIIWeight lifting
Simpson373 M15–17Distal femurIFootballFollow up 5–27 months; “significant leg length discrepancy in one case”
Gumbs382 M12, 14Distal radius and ulnaIIWeight liftingFollow up time not reported; “healing was uneventful”
Collins391 M10Distal tibiaIISoccerFollow up 4 months; no growth disturbance evident
Lemire401 M15Medial clavicleIHockeyFollow up 1 year; “return to normal activity without problems”
Hernandez411 M11Distal radiusIIBasketballFollow up 8 years; premature closure
Jenkins421 M13Bilateral distal radius; distal tibiaIIFootballFollow up not reported
Abrams431 F15Proximal fibulaIIIGymnasticsFollow up 7 weeks; “progressive healing”
Spinella441 F15Distal tibiaIIIFigure skatingFollow up 3 years; no growth disturbance
1 M14Distal tibiaIIIFootballFollow up 1 year; “uneventful”
Weiss451 M16Distal radiusIWeight liftingFollow up not reported
Thomas461 M13Distal tibiaIVFootballFollow up 6 months; “some early closure of the physis was evident on comparison studies”
Keret471 M13Proximal tibiaVFootballFollow up 2 years; premature closure; also associated premature partial closure of the distal femoral physis
Bak481 M14Proximal tibiaIIGymnasticsFollow up 9 months; premature closure
Meyers491 M15Distal femurIIFootballFollow up 1 year; normal anatomical alignment and equal leg lengths
Hartley501 M15Proximal tibiaIVSoccerFollow up 4 months
Toto511 M17Distal fibulaIBaseballFollow up not reported
Banks522 M16, 17Proximal tibiaIIbasketballFollow up 3 months – 2 years; no growth disturbance in the boy followed for 2 years
Decoster531 M14Distal femurIIIFootballFollow up 1 year; “significant growth discrepancy unlikely because he was so near skeletal maturity”
Valverde541 M13Distal radiusVFootballFollow up 21 months; premature closure
Goldberg551 M11Distal femurIIIFootballFollow up 2 years; non-union
Beck561 M18Proximal tibiaPremature closure of the lateral part of the proximal tibia subsequent to a sports injury at age 6
Brone & Wroble573 M14–16Distal femurIIIFootballFollow up 2–3 years; no limb length discrepancy or limb deformity
Veenema582 M15Distal femurIIIFootballFollow up 4 months; “no evidence of limb length discrepancy or angular deformity”
Mudgal591 M16Proximal tibiaIBasketballFollow up 6 months; “no evidence of limb length discrepancy or angular deformity”
Shinro601 M13Proximal tibiaII (right) I (left)BasketballFollow up 5.5 years; “no deformities or differences in leg length were observed”
Maffulli612 M11, 14Proximal phalanx of the halluxIIIJudo, soccerFollow up 3–4 years; “no evidence of growth disturbance or osteoarthritis”
Ozer621 M17Proximal tibiaIIIBasketballFollow up 4 months
Whan631 M16Proximal tibiaIGymnastics
Egun641 M16Proximal tibialBasketballFollow up 27 months; “no angular deformity”
Goga & Gongal653 MDistal femurIIISoccer
1 MProximal tibiaIISoccer
1 MDistal tibiaIISoccer
Samsoni661 F14Distal femurIICricketFollow up 6 months; “early indication of growth arrest on the medial side”