Table 3

 Mechanism, affected body part, and diagnosis of injuries as related to the injured leg

TotalDominantNon-dominantχ2p Value
Significant p values are in bold.
*This row shows only the number of complete ligament ruptures (grade III sprains), which are also included in the row above (all sprains grade I–III). Data in this row are not included in the totals at the bottom.
    Overuse221664.545 0.03
    Contact8152296.747 0.01
Body part
    Thigh, groin, hip5633231.7860.18
    Lower leg197121.3160.25
    Ankle4127144.122 0.04
    Foot, toe181353.5560.06
    Including rupture of ligament*261883.8460.049
    Contusion3624124.000 0.046
    Others3928117.410 0.01
Total176105716.568 0.01