Table 2

 Physiological values in tennis players corresponding to the ventilatory threshold (VT) in tennis field (FT) and treadmill (TT) tests (n = 9)

VariableFTTTp Value
Values are mean (SD). Bf, breathing frequency; HR, heart rate; HRmax, maximal heart rate; RER, respiratory exchange ratio; VCO2, carbon dioxide production; VE, minute ventilation; VO2, oxygen uptake; VO2max, maximal oxygen uptake; Vt, tidal volume.
VO2 (ml/min/kg)44.2 (5.5)43.4 (5.8)NS
VCO2 (ml/min/kg)42.8 (6.3)38.6 (4.9)<0.05
RER0.96 (0.04)0.89 (0.02)<0.001
VE (l/min)58.0 (10.9)64.2 (8.4)NS
HR (bpm)158.8 (9.3)161.1 (9.2)NS
Bf (breaths/min)38.1 (10.2)40.5 (9.0)NS
Vt (l)1.62 (0.56)1.74 (0.52)NS
%VO2max69.4 (8.1)73.5 (6.1)NS
%HRmax83.6 (5.1)83.0 (2.8)NS