Table 1 Pre- and post-break values for speed, power, muscular endurance and aerobic capacity
PreSEMPostSEMp Value
SLJ (m)2.420.062.400.050.55
MB throw (m)7.500.197.690.200.30
MB service throw (m)8.630.338.830.330.29
Spider (sec)16.500.1716.720.180.17
5 m sprint (sec)*
10 m sprint (sec)1.790.031.840.040.02*
20 m sprint (sec)*
Wingate peak (watts/kg)10.620.2810.520.200.40
Wingate mean (watts/kg)8.350.197.800.240.03*
Wingate minimum (watts/kg)5.890.275.100.380.02*
Fatigue index (% decrease)44.262.8551.413.530.01*
Grip dominant (kg)53.131.7955.002.140.10
Grip non-dominant (kg)46.002.2848.632.570.07
Sit up42.881.5244.502.220.27
Push up37.002.4137.253.210.90
VO2max (ml/kg/min)53.901.1147.861.540.001*
  • * significance p⩽0.05