Table 2 Summary of findings adapted from Viru et al.101 identifying approximate age periods of accelerated improvement in motor abilities from age 6–18 years
Accelerated improvement in:BoysGirls
Age (years)Age (years)
Speed (sprint running or maximal pedalling rate)7–88–9
Explosive strength (measuring effectiveness of fast contraction of leg extensor muscles)7–913–166–811–12
Isometric muscle strength (handgrip, arm pull, pulling strength in shoulders, knee extensor force, clean-and-press)14–16*12–13*
Aerobic endurance11–1511–13
Motor development7–96–8
    Age when motor development ceases before age 18 years1614
  • PI, peak improvement.

  • Exercise tests used to determine motor abilities are shown in parentheses.

  • *No agreement in muscle strength in found in preadolescents.