Table 2

 Methodological Quality Criteria for Assessment of Observational Studies

Trial1 Relevant subjects2 Appropriate inclusion criteria3 Prospective investigation(stated)4 Adequate follow-up (defined as 1 year after final treatment)5 Loss to follow-up accounted for6 Blinded assessment (stated)7 Appropriate impairment outcomes8 Appropriate disability outcomes
Ainsworth (2006)24XX✓ All presentXNone measured
Bokor et al (1993)25XX
Goldberg et al (2001)26X✓ All presentXNone measured
Hawkins and Dunlop (1995)27X
Heers et al (2005)28XXX
Itoi and Tabata (1992)29XX
Koubaa et al (2005)30X✓ All presentX
Palmer (1998)31X✓ All presentXNone measured
Piccoli and Hasson (2004)32XX✓ All presentX
Yamada et al (2000)33XX