Table 3

 Post-treatment isokinetic concentric (Conc) and eccentric (Ecc) peak torques (in N.m) in both groups of patients: comparative study between treated and non-involved sides (asymmetry in %)

Control group (n = 46)Eccentric group (n = 46)
*represents a significant (p<0.05) difference between the treated and non-involved sides in each group of patients.
Wrist extensors
    Conc 30°/s7.2±3.410.8±2.5−33±19%*10.9±2.810.6±2.4+ 3±14%
    Conc 90°/s6.6±2.69.2±2.2−28±17%*9.2±2.59.1±2.2+ 1±15%
    Ecc 60°/s9.7±3.815.6±3.2−38±19%*17.4±3.415.8±3.3+ 10±15%*
Forearm supinators
    Conc 30°/s5.3±2.97.3±2.3−27±17%*7.5±2.87.1±2.1+ 6±15%
    Conc 90°/s4.8±2.46.9±2.1−30±18%*7±2.26.8±2.0+ 3±14%
    Ecc 60°/s7.1±3.311.4±2.7−38±19%*13.3±3.111.2±2.5+ 16±16%*