Table 2

 Correlations between physiological (ie, blood lactate concentration) and perceptual (ie, ratings of perceived exertion) values, and variables describing the characteristics of the game

All games (n = 113)Service games (n = 58)Return games (n = 55)
Rp Value95% CIRp Value95% CIRp Value95% CI
SR0.440.0000.29 to 0.560.520.0000.33 to 0.680.280.050.05 to 0.49
DR0.390.0000.24 to 0.520.500.0000.30 to 0.660.300.040.07 to 0.50
Blood lactate concentration
All games (n = 53)Service games (n = 27)Return games (n = 26)
DR, duration of rallies; Lac, blood lactate concentration; RPE, rating of perceived exertion; SR, shots per rally.
SR0.570.0000.37 to 0.720.800.0000.62 to 0.900.260.25−0.11 to 0.57
DR0.510.0000.30 to 0.680.800.0000.62 to 0.900.280.21−0.09 to 0.58