Table 2

 Scoring of the included studies for methodological quality according to the Delphi list

StudyItems*Level of evidenceDegree of evidence
For a description of the degree and the level of evidence, see table 1. +, answer to question is yes; –, answer to question is no.
*1A, was a method of random performed for the treatment allocation?; 1B, was the treatment allocation concealed?; 2, were the groups similar at baseline regarding the most prognostic indicators?; 3, were the eligibility criteria specified?; 4, was the outcome assessor blinded?; 5, was the care provider blinded?; 6, was the patient blinded?; 7, were point estimates and measures of variability presented for the primary outcome measures?; 8, did the analysis include an intention-to-treat analysis?
Roos et al (2004)23++++++6/9B2
Mafi et al (2001)24++++4/9B2
Niesen-Vertommen et al (1992)25+++3/9C2
Silbernagel et al (2001)4++++4/9B2
Alfredson et al (1998)18+++3/9B2
Fahlström et al (2003)26++2/9B2
Shalabi et al (2004)27++2/9C2
Alfredson et al (2003)28+1/9C3
Stanish et al (1986)290/9C3