Table 4

 Incidence of injury by specific injury type

Author, year of publicationGroup characteristicTypes specific incidence of injuries
Skin lesions (%)Pain/stiffness (%)Overuse/stress injuries (%)Cramps (%)Haematomas (%)Ankle sprains (%)Joint problems (%)Tendonitis (%)Other, not running injuries (%)Other injuries, not stated (%)
*Type specific distribution of injuries in the 1219 runners who are known to have started the marathon.
Satterthwaite et al, 199616At medical aid post*14.519.714.56.621.123.7
During or immediately after a marathon14.961.
In the 7 days following a marathon7.680.
Kretsch et al, 198411After a marathon7.944.414.533.2
Nicholl & Williams 198215During full marathon at first aid station15.657.625.31.5
Jakobsen et al, 198922During a half and a full marathon27.467.55.1
Nicholl & Williams, 198225During a half and a full marathon10.554.122.413.0