Table 7

 Incidence (injuries/1000 player hours) of the most common match injuries (three most common injuries on artificial turf and grass for male and female players are identified as superscripts)

Injury (main body region and diagnosis)Incidence of injury (injuries/1000 player hours)
Male playersFemale players
Artificial turfGrassArtificial turfGrass
    Scalp laceration0.690.220.000.03
    Facial laceration0.560.220.290.13
    Nasal fracture0.
Upper limbs
    Acromioclavicular sprain0.420.180.140.08
    Ulnar fracture0.
    Wrist sprain0.000.070.430.08
Lower limbs
    Ankle lateral ligament complex tear3.20(1)2.52(1)1.57(2)2.42(1)
    Hamstring tear2.64(2)1.84(2)0.570.78
    Foot/toe contusion1.531.110.570.54
    Quadriceps contusion1.
    Knee contusion0.830.790.570.56
    Lower leg contusion0.691.010.291.15
    Medial (deltoid) ligament tear0.690.610.140.35
    Quadriceps tear0.560.540.860.48
    Iliopsoas/sartorius tear0.560.430.140.16
    Lateral meniscal tear0.560.140.570.27
    Anterior cruciate ligament tear0.420.471.29(3)1.64(3)
    Medial collateral ligament tear0.420.900.570.81
    Ankle contusion0.280.680.860.46
    Adductor (groin) tear0.281.260.430.27