Table 3

 Number of injuries and tackle parameters as a function of the time period of the match

Time (min)Contact injuriesInjuries/1000 tackles*Time loss injuries†n/NReferee’s decision‡Tackle codeTackle actionNon-contact injuries
B-stB-siB-vjS-stS-siS-vjF-stF-siF-vjOne-footedTwo-footedUpper bodyHeadsOther
B, from behind; F, from the front; S, from the side; si, sliding-in; st, staying on feet; vj, vertical jump.
*Tscholl et al, 2006.17
†Information missing.
‡Figures in parenthesis represent the number of fouls in which a yellow card was awarded.
0–15256.914/2212 (1)2124361331206616
16–303510.814/3313 (1)12173686122011114
31–45+3310.414/2913 (2)1006629722416203
46–60298.29/249 (2)20011523242311317
61–753510.114/2710 (2)20212724422216338
76–90+4311.119/3415 (1)221146186327212025
2009.684/16972 (9)105654301933281513054215833