Table 2 The scores of the outcome measures; level of LPB, days with LBP, and physical function
VariableBaselineEnd of treatmentFollow-upSignificant difference between baseline and long-term follow up
Patient-specific function scale (n = 28)142121p<0.001
Scale 0–30 (30 is best)10.5–18.517.5–24.513–25
Days with low-back pain during the last 100 days (n = 27)1003520p<0.001
Scale 0–100 (0 is best)25–1007–3510–84
low-back pain (n = 29)955p<0.001
Scale 0–30 (0 is best)6–151.5–9.52.5–12
Roland Morris Questionnaire (n = 29)845p<0.001
Scale 0–23 (0 is best)4.5–13.50.5–91–10
  • The median scores at baseline, at end of treatment, and at long-term follow-up a mean of 10.8 months after end of treatment are presented (median and 25th and 75th percentiles).