Table 4 The serum analyses at baseline and end of treatment
Reference valuesMean baseline valueNo. of patients exceeding reference values (total n = 29)Mean values at end of treatmentNo. of patients exceeding reference values (total n = 29)
Haemoglobin8.0–11.0 mmol/l9.409.12
Leucocytes3.0–10.0 × 1099/l6.717.13
Neutrophils1.5–7.5 × 109/l4.104.21
Eosinophils0.04–0.5 × 109/l0.200.221
Basophils<0.2 × 109/l0.0300.031
Lymphocytes1.0–3.5 × 109/l2.002.222
Monocytes0.2–0.8 × 109/l0.630.591
P/S Creatininium62–134 µmol/l900870
Lactate dehydrogenase, original `method (n = 13)150–500 U/l37203930
Lactate dehydrogenase, new method (n = 16)105–205 U/l21472278
Alkaline phosphatase, original method (n = 13)80–275 U/l19400
Alkaline phosphatase, new method (n = 16)35–105 U/l823732
C-reactive protein<10 mg/l53