Table 5 Summary of articles pulled for review by the authors: glenoid labrum integrity
Test, author [ref] and yearSample sizeSensitivity/specificityLR+/LR−QUADAS scoreCriterion standard
Superior labral pathology
Active compression/O’Brien test
Parentis et al45 2006132 patients63/501.25/0.7510Surgery
Myers et al46 200537 patients78/110.88/2.08Surgery
Nakagawa et al47 200554 patients54/601.35/0.779Surgery
McFarland et al48 2002426 patients47/551.04/0.9611Surgery
Morgan et al49 1998102 patients68/NRNR/NR10Surgery
O’Brien et al50 1998256 patients99/9849.5/0.015Combination of radiograph, MRI, surgery was given to some but not all patients
Anterior slide test
Parentis et al45 2006132 patients10/820.56/1.1010Surgery
Nakagawa et al47 200554 patients5/930.71/1.029Surgery
McFarland et al48 2002419 patients8/840.50/1.111Surgery
Kibler51 1995226 patients78/918.34/0.247Surgery
Crank test
Parentis et al45 2006132 patients13/830.85/1.0610Surgery
Myers et al46 200536 patients35/701.15/0.938Surgery
Nakagawa et al47 200554 patients58/722.1/0.589Surgery
Guanche et al52 200360 shoulders39/671.2/0.9112Surgery
Mimori et al53 200432 patients81/886.8/0.227MRI and 15/32 patients received surgery
Relocation/Jobe relocation test
Parentis et al45 2006132 patients50/531.07/0.9410Surgery
Nakagawa et al47 200554 patients75/401.25/0.639Surgery
Guanche et al52 200360 shoulders36/630.97/1.0212Surgery
Morgan et al49 1998102 patients51/NRNR/NR10Surgery
Speed test
Parentis et al45 2006132 patients48/671.47/0.7710Surgery
Nakagawa et al47 200554 patients6/983.0/0.969Surgery
Holtby & Razmjou43 200450 patients32/751.3/0.9111Surgery
Guanche et al52 200360 shoulders9/740.35/1.2312Surgery
Morgan et al49 1998102 patients68/NRNR/NR10Surgery
Biceps tenderness test
Nakagawa et al47 200554 patients25/801.3/0.949Surgery
Guanche et al52 200360 shoulders48/521.0/1.012Surgery
Morgan et al49 1998102 patients68/NRNR/NR10Surgery
Yergason’s test
Parentis et al45 2006132 patients13/941.9/0.9410Surgery
Nakagawa et al47 200554 patients12/986.0/0.909Surgery
Holtby & Razmjou43 200450 patients43/792.1/0.7211Surgery
Guanche et al52 200360 shoulders12/963.0/0.9212Surgery
Neer test
Parentis et al45 2006132 patients50/521.1/0.9610Surgery
Nakagawa et al47 200554 patients33/600.83/1.129Surgery
Hawkins−Kennedy test
Parentis et al45 2006132 patients68/310.97/1.0710Surgery
Nakagawa et al47 200554 patients50/671.5/0.779Surgery
Pain provocation test
Parentis et al45 2006132 patients15/901.5/0.9410Surgery
Mimori et al53 200432 patients98/867.0/0.027MRI and 15/32 patients received surgery
Compression-rotation test
Nakagawa et al47 200554 patients26/9813.0/0.769Surgery
McFarland et al48 2002303 patients24/761.0/1.011Surgery
Other tests
Guanche et al52 2003 – anterior apprehension test60 shoulders30/630.81/1.1112Surgery
Myers et al46 2005 – RSERT40 patients83/824.6/0.218Surgery
Kim et al54 1999 – biceps load I test75 patients91/9730.3/0.099Surgery
Kim et al55 2001 − biceps load II test127 patients90/9730.0/0.1011Surgery
Nakagawa et al47 2005 − fulcrum test54 patients83/401.4/0.439Surgery
Nakagawa et al47 2005 – forced shoulder abduction/Komuro test54 patients67/672.0/0.499Surgery
Nakagawa et al47 2005 – clunk test54 patients44/681.3/0.849Surgery
Nakagawa et al47 2005 – Ellman’s test54 patients42/631.1/0.929Surgery
Nakagawa et al47 2005 – abduction inferior stability (ABIS)/Feagin test54 patients29/902.9/0.799Surgery
Kim et al54 1999 – biceps tension test75 patients33/781.5/0.869Surgery
Nakagawa et al47 2005 – jerk test54 patients25/801.3/0.949Surgery
Nakagawa et al47 2005 – painful arc test54 patients21/730.78/1.089Surgery
Nakagawa et al47 2005 – sulcus sign54 patients17/932.4/0.899Surgery
Berg & Ciullo56 1998 – SLAPrehension66 patients88/NRNR/NR8Surgery
Any labral pathology
Crank test
Guanche et al52 200360 shoulders40/731.5/0.8212Surgery
Stetson & Templin40 200265 patients46/561.1/0.9611Surgery
Liu et al39 199662 patients91/9313/0.1011Surgery
Other tests
Stetson & Templin40 – active compression/O’Brien test65 patients54/310.78/1.511Surgery
Guanche et al52 2003 – relocation/Jobe relocation test60 shoulders44/873.4/0.6412Surgery
Hamner et al41 2000 – modified relocation/modified Jobe relocation test13 patients92/NRNR/NR7Surgery
Guanche et al52 2003 – Speed test60 shoulders18/871.4/0.9412Surgery
Guanche et al52 2003 – Yergason test60 shoulders9/931.3/0.912Surgery
Guanche et al52 2003 – anterior apprehension test60 shoulders40/873.1/0.6912Surgery
Guanche et al52 2003 – biceps tenderness test60 shoulders44/400.73/1.412Surgery
Posterior labral pathology
Kim et al57 2005 – jerk test172 shoulders73/9836.5/0.2611Surgery
Kim et al57 2005 – Kim test172 shoulders80/9413.3/0.2111Surgery
Meister et al58 2004 – posterior impingement sign69 patients76/855.0/0.297Surgery
Other labral tears and biceps pathology
Ardic et al44 2006 –Speed test36 patients69/601.7/0.5112MRI
Boileau et al31 2004 – hourglass test21 patients98/NRNR/NR10Surgery
Bennett42 1998 − SLAP or bicepsSpeed test46 shoulders90/13.81.04/0.7210Surgery