Table 2 Use of video analysis to study mechanisms of non-contact ACL injury in sport
ReferenceTotalNo. analysedMethods and materials
Boden et al432715Visual inspection and questionnaires. Videos obtained from professional and collegiate teams: football (56%), basketball (30%), soccer (9%), volleyball (4%). 7 women, 16 men
Ebstrup et al44153Visual inspection. Prospective collection of videos from Danish indoor ball games. Two representative handball injuries and one basketball injury analysed. All women
Teitz455414Visual inspection. Retrospective multicentre video analysis: 20 basketball, 18 football, 9 soccer injuries. Only basketball injuries analysed. 3 men, 11 women
Olsen et al462019Visual inspection and questionnaires. Retrospective and prospective video collection of women’s Norwegian or international handball competition
Krosshaug et al473930Visual inspection. Retrospective video collection from high school, college and NBA, WNBA basketball. 13 men, 17 women
Krosshaug et al48323D model-based image matching. One male NBA basketball player (4 camera views), one female Norwegian elite team handball player (3 camera views)