Table 3 Clubs that responded positively on the modified Sports Safety Audit Tool infrastructure items scores
Infrastructure ItemsItem scoreBaselinePost-season follow-up12-month follow-up
Inter (%) (n = 32)Control (%) (n = 44)p ValueInter (%) (n = 27)Control (%) (n = 40)p ValueInter (%) (n = 27)Control (%) (n = 40)p Value
Keep a record of injuries that:
    Result in an insurance claim0.578820.69085850.98381870.587
    Require attendance to hospital0.534640.012*56600.71867670.943
    Require attending a medical practitioner/health professional0.516480.004*44520.51844300.226
    Result in missing a match0.516340.07126400.23437150.038*
    Require first aid0.512230.25630250.67541300.364
    Other injuries0.5090.08015100.551450.801
Collects injury risk information from:
    Research (internet, library, etc.)0.525180.47237120.018*56200.003*
    Soccer NSW /Football Federation Australia0.581820.95070920.016*93850.347
    Club safety audits0.56140.30026150.26763350.024*
    Other sources0.519180.95018170.915020.408
    Reviewed injury records and injury risk information in past 12 months531250.54730220.51156220.006*
Informed about club safety activities in the past 12 months:
    Committee members0.584820.77096720.013*100750.005*
    Referees and other officials0.519320.20111120.86333120.040*
Safety budget2370.477450.8011870.172
Safety committee or coordinator56140.30033120.040*7015<0.001*
Acted upon current sports safety plan4370.47722130.314675<0.001*
Safety activities undertaken in past 12 months†0.5‡*1.700.78<0.001*
Safety a regular agenda item at club committee meetings222270.5925612<0.001*7430<0.001*
Consulted about injury risks in the past 12 months:
    Committee members0.566640.85893750.065100650.001*
    Referees and other officials0.53140.1187120.50430220.511
    Reviewed sports safety policies and plans in past 12 months528210.47167250.001*74370.003*
  • Inter, intervention.

  • *Significance set at p<0.05 with 95% CI. †Mean score and p value for independent samples t test (the χ2 test was used to generate the other p values). ‡Out of a maximum score of 4.

  • Data are positive responses.